For Trade/Sale

My Wantlist is HUGE, really Huge! I'm looking for Metal records, rare or not! Heavy, Power, Speed, Thrash, etc... Contact me if you have anything for trade or sale.

For those interested in trading feedback, I made more than one successful trades with serious collectors such as Kazuro Sugiura (Japan), Sascha Malak (Germany), Tobias Hanfland (Germany), and had successful transactions with Peter Daub (Germany), Hugo Caldeira (Portugal), both John and Jim from OPM Records, and many other collectors, stores and mailorders.

I've also met in person with many collectors and label owners worldwide like Dan Edman (Sweden), Patrik Johansson (Sweden), Kostas Kounadinis (Steel Legacy), Chris Papadakis (Arkeyn Steel) to name a few...

Michalis Benakis

Contact me at: apollo.ra at hotmail dot com

Some stuff for Trade/Sale:

Arrow (Germany) - Heavy Metal Mania 12" EP
Rare Original First Press

Aryon - Rebels Of The Night LP
Still In Shrink

Axton Pryte (France) - The Lab 12" Vinyl EP
Original First Press

Crypt - Stick To Your Guts LP
Original First Press - Still In Shrink

Decoy Paris - Love On The Run
High TOP Rarity - Original First Press (STILL SEALED!!!)

Down - Nola LP
US First Press, Original Shrink with sticker and Insert Included

ESP - The Future Is Now LP
-First Press-

Glacier - Same S/t 12" EP
Original First Press -RARE-

Graven Image - People In Hell Still Want Ice Water LP
Black Vinyl, Limited to 100 copies (Unplayed)

Hands Of Mercy (Belgium) - Same 12" Vinyl EP
High Top Rarity

Hyper Vyper (UK) - Easy Livin' 12" Vinyl EP
Original First Press (RARE!)

KAT (Pol) - Oddech wymarłych światów LP Vinyl
RARE First Press

Masque - The Dead Of Night 12" Vinyl EP
Original First Press

Nightwish - Amaranth Shaped 7" Single
Limited 500 Copies, NOTVD

Recon - Behind Enemy Lines LP
Original First Press

Spitfire (Greece) - First Attack LP
Private Metal - First Press - SEALED!

Stratovarius - Twilight Time 12" Vinyl LP
Original First Press

Thunder Rider - Tales Of Darkness And Light LP
Private Metal - First Press - SEALED!

Trop Feross - Resurrection EP
Private Metal - First Press - SEALED!

Vio-Lence - Nothing To Gain LP
limited to 555 copies (NOTVD)

Xcel - Deliver This Dream LP
Private US Metal - First Press - SEALED!

-2 x Artillery - Jester 7" Picture Disks, one is normal edition, 
other is a rare MISPRESS with one side playing in 33rpm and other side on 45rpm
-Vault - Sword Of Steel LP **SOLD
-Mayfair - Behind... LP

-Legion - Knights Of Cross LP Original Russian Rarity
-Crimson Glory Lonely 7" + Lady Of Winter 7"
-Legion Of The Damned - Decent Into Chaos LP CLEAR LP, limited to 250 Copies, First Press "STILL SEALED"
-Vital Remains - Into Cold Darkness LP
-Brocas Helm - Skullfucker/Blood Machine 7" RED
-2 x Kreator - Phantom Antichrist 7" Set of RED and CLEAR 7", both limited to 250 copies
-Rotting Christ - Apokathilosis 7" Original First Press
-Manilla Road - Crystal Logic L HHR First Press splatter limited to 100 copies!
-Slaughter - Strappado LP (HRR Black)
-Old Man's Child - Vermin LP "Still Sealed"
-Sentinel 7" Die Hard Edition limited to 100 copies