Weekly Sum-Up Vol.7: Tsar Bomba!

10:40 AM

"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, presenting numerous interesting (or not) shit that I came across during the week.

Vol. 7: Tsar Bomba!
Here we are again, struggling to keep up with the digital world while while struggling to keep up in the physical world. I've been occupied the last few weeks with a conference publication. which i finally submitted a couple of days ago. Fingers crossed. 

So, to our sum-up, why Tsar Bomba?! The answer brings us to the first bullet point of the week:

Music Related: Let's go extreme! Swedish Deathsters Necrophobic have been around since the late 80s, providing the world with some "Blackened Death Metal". While their last decade was not notable in terms of Discography, their "come-back" album "Mark Of The Necrogram", that was released in February is an absolute masterpiece. Great melodies, excellent sound production, hellish vocals, and an enchanting atmosphere blend nicely to form this piece of art. Their teaser tune, "Tsar Bomba" that was released as a lyric video earlier by Century Media is already becoming a hit among metalheads. Available on CD and LP. Buy or die!

Space Related: I came across this interesting conversation on Quora, exploring why are we focused on Mars instead of Mercury. Apparently there are a number of solid reasons why we, as a space-faring humanity, we should change our visions, including Mercury as a potential target for a colonial base. 
Planet Mercury
Dynamic Planet: Mercury in the Context of its Environment

Oh, speaking of Mars. We all remember the MARS ONE project from a few years earlier, aiming to send the first humans on Mars, right? Well, surprise surprise, apparently they whole thing was a nicely plotted scam, according to the article "Ah crap, it looks like that whole "human mission to Mars" company is a total scam". Come on Elon, shoot for the Red!
Travel Related: As you may know by now I am a fan of the "Carry-On Traveller" style. It saves time, money and energy so where possible i fly with only my carry-on bag. In order to reach such mentality, you have to first learn how to travel light. Here are 5 Tips to Travel Light and Dress Well at the Same Time from New York Times (I'm still working on the Dress Well part myself :P ) 

And speaking of Travelling again. I'll be hitting another destination very soon. Can you guess which country this time? 

Over and out,

Behold the star, behold the TSAR!


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