Weekly Sum-Up Vol.6 : The Return......

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"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, presenting numerous interesting (or not) shit that I came across during the week.

Vol. 6: The Return......
I know, I know. Like a blast from the past, after more than 3 years of the last "Weekly Sum-Up" here comes The Return......

Title was inspired by Marauder's "The Return of the Warrior", since today is the anniversary of the 1821 Greek Revolution, but since I am neither a famed Warrior, nor a Legend as per the Unicorn's EP, i have to stick with Quorthon's Black metal opus.

Quite a lot, and I mean really, A LOT, changed since the last Weekly Sum-Up in 2014!! During that time I was struggling with my thesis. Well, since then I travelled a lot, graduated, enrolled in postgrad degree on a different subject, graduated, enrolled in a PhD on another different subject, changed a few countries as residencies, changed, hobbies, habits... Yeah, too much to start talking about so slowly slowly we will catch up through the posts of Celestial Traveller. There's also a plan to update the page since is a biiiiiit out of date. 

I decided to keep the weekly Sum-Up posts in the form of extensive bullet points, consisting of ~4-5 points in each post, related to the week's experiences. Expect points regarding news, travelling, music, books, science, engineering, idiocracy, and a shitload of irrelevant things from my pathetic and miserable life. 


  • Article Suggestion: 25th of March today. National day marking the "beginning" of the Greek Revolution. The history, as shown repeatedly, is presented wrong, to benefit several parts of the society. This article which I was reading yesterday, shows things from a different perspective. ("1821: Ποιοι «όλοι μαζί», βρε ζαγάρια", written in Greek). Interestingly, makes me to really want to dig the book "Karaiskakis" by Demetris Fotiadis that the article is referring to, shown here. 

  • Instagram account: I was recently digging into my digital archives searching for some photos, and I stumbled upon some interesting shit from my travels. Keep following my Instagram feed, I will be uploading regularly photos from all over the globe. Have a glimpse here on a market in Cambodia for starters.
  • Music related: I wasn't planning on suggesting anything more than the aforementioned three albums related to "The Return" shown below. But it would be a huge mistake not to mention THE RETURN of the metal gods Judas Priest. The comback album of the gods, entitled "Firepower" is amazing! After a few listenings of the album I have conlcuded my personal favorite is the second half of the album, however I will need to dig more into it. One is for sure, the Metal Gods have returned! 

Over and out, 

Marauder - 1821
Marauder - 1821
Unicorn - The Legend Returns
Unicorn - The Legend Returns
Bathory - The Return......
Bathory - The Return......

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