Tunes for the Road: The Traveller

7:49 PM

Many times I wanted to post a list of songs that keep me company while travelling. We all have songs like that. Songs that inspire us to move on, fulfil our desires and set new goals. This is the maiden appearance for a series of posts called "Tunes for the Road".

For the very first post in this series I carefully chose what I consider "the soundtrack of my life". Since the blog is entitled "Celestial Traveller", this song couldn't be far from it. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the NWOBHM-era, I present you:

"Millennium - The Traveller"

This song, from its lyrics to its musical core, drives your imaginations to long-term travelling. Feelings that arise only when changing countries seated on a bus or a plane. Visions of figures like Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are the ones that come in mind when its intro touches your ears. And that powerful ending is simply magnificent!

The band, Millennium, formed in the early 80s in Billingham, UK, and they only released one album in 1984. They reformed earlier this year, 2015, and numerous live shows are expected.

Enjoy this masterpiece while on track to new destinations, or while returning to your starting point. The purest of feelings awaits you...

*no lyrics available online, however you won't find it hard to figure them out

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