Mayfair, the Darkest Feeling

6:52 PM

Well, it's been a long-long time since we've rocked... [Sarissa pun intended]!
Due to a strictly-limited amount of free time, which it's getting extinct as time marches on, I don't frequently find my self diggin' through new bands and their new releases. Thankfully I have lots of favourites albums and bands to keep me company while spending my half-life degradation productively.

That's why I'm steeling this tiny amount of time, to briefly talk about this dark love of mine, which regularly digs the grave of my emotions. It's called Mayfair.

They never found the recognition they deserved. This band should have been huge. This band is huge. At least to a few people that I know... You'll often find them marked under the label "progressive", usually combined with the word "dark". Some others will tell you it's not even "metal". Some other will just pass on, not even look to the artwork of that cover... But who cares about labels? Who cares about reviews and rates, when all you can do to get lost into a tornado of emotions is just a "play-button" away.

Well, please fasten your seat-belts and get out of the reach of some sharp-end tools, cause the suicidal journey into the vastness of the emptiness has just begun...

This is where, I would normally begun describing each of their releases independently, starting from their early demos and ending with their latest albums. But not this time, not needed. Those of you who found your way into this article you probably already know them. Those of you who don't, you're already motivated to hit play on some youtube songs.

You want it powerful? Here's Advanced In Years. You want it dark? Here's Last Spring. You want it sick? Here's Behind. You want it quality and mainstream? Here's Waterproof. You want it modern? Here's Gold Coated Girls. You want it strange? Here's Wwwrong. You name it... Even if they only released four full-length albums, this band have you covered for every mood.

Whatever song you choose to hear, one thing is for sure: you're going to listen something utterly unique. Nothing similar ever existed out-there. Not to my knowledge at least.

Mayfair's singular style and attitude comes as a result of the combination of Mario's (lead Singer) unique clear vocals, with Rene's (Guitars) dark riffs. The outcome is magnificent:
Dark, Emotional, Depressive, Extra-Ordinary, Cold, Gloomy, Mourningly, Strange, Weird, Soul-Tearing...

I was personally fortunate enough to enjoy this great band live last year (2014), and to met in person these great persons and talented musicians. So, next time you cross paths with their music or their shows, make your self a present and enjoy their uniqueness! An amazing experience awaits you for sure...
Mayfair Brigade

Mayfair (Austria) consists of: 
Rene - Guitars
Mario - Vocals
Johannes - Bass
Jolly - Drums

1993 - Behind
1995 - Die-Flucht
1998 - Fastest Trip to Cyber-Town
2013 - Schlage mein Herz, Schlage...

Official Website:

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