Weekly Sum-Up Vol5: Keep Calm and...

9:36 PM

"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, and presenting numerous interesting articles that I came across during the passed week.

Vol 5: Keep Calm and...
...write your damn Thesis! As stated before, lots of work to be done during the following weeks. Major slice of the cake goes to my diploma thesis. Now lets make some coffee and get on with it....
So, didn't find much this week due to limited time online, but I came across a couple of interesting ones for you:

They Took A Camera To A Remote Area In Greenland... [upworthy.com]
Visit the link and watch the video, but make sure to watch it till the end so that you can realize the magnitude of this event! Extraordinary!

Futuristic Skintight Spacesuits May Shrink-Wrap Astronauts[space.com]
Have you ever wondered if it's easy to move with that bulky spacesuits? Well, it's not! But you have to be under pressure while in space so that comes with a bulky price. But now researchers try to eliminate and shrink the spacesuit volume.

If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will [themetapicture.com]
A cool -deep- video that sum-up the outcome of the massive smartphone usage, regarding our social behaviour. Definitely worth-watching!

Auction of the Week: 
US Metal high top rarities are well known for fetching 4digit prices realised in auctions. Well, even though you have Militia and Warzwolf and Street Child in mind, this one is a 7inch record. And it's a rare one! A very rare one since, there are rumors that the band destroyed most of the copies. In any case, this single ended at a price of, hold tight, $3551! Yes, 3551 USD! Sick!

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