Weekly Sum-Up Vol4: Hello October

11:19 PM

"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, and presenting numerous interesting articles that I came across during the passed week.

Vol 4: Hello October
Officially September is out. October's gonna (and should be) a productive month, since there's lots of stuff to cover during this period. But let's not hurry, I'll keep you up to date ;)
Onward to last week's posts:

This Drone Footage of an Active Volcano Resulted In a Melted Camera [Popphoto.com]:
I was scouting the worldwide web gathering info regarding Iceland's volcanoes and found out this article. Eric Cheng went to Iceland, to visit Bardarbunga volcano which for more than a month is ejecting hot laca out on Earth's surface! After a 12+h drive from Reykjavick towards the volcano he set-up his setup consisted of a DJI quadcopter flying drone and a GoPro Hero 3+ mounted on it, and managed to capture some magnificent wide-angle footage! After the return of the drone, to his suprice, the Go-Pro camera was meltedby the heat!!

Earth’s water is older than the Sun [Astronomy.com]:
Cool huh? Way to cool!! Accorting to this new study the water of our planet was formed into the interstellar space!

Brightest Planets to See in October's Night Sky [Space.com]:
An astonomical monthly guide for planets visible this month

Funky-Shaped Solar Car Can Transport the Whole Family [Mashable.com]:
Solar power applications grow larger day by day! But still, long way to go...

Auction of the Week:
When it comes to Iron Maiden collectors, one think is for sure! Crazy prices!! When it comes to Colombian Vinyl? Even more crazy prices! This Colombian press of Iron Maiden's Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son on Red wax fetched more than $1200 on an ebay auction last Tuesday!

"So it shall be written - So it shall be done"

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