Sounds In Time Vol.5

6:40 AM

"Sounds In Time" is a weekly post which is posted every Saturday, and presents the albums that sounded through my speakers during the passed week!

Kinda weird playlist since last week had lots of moods. A mix of 70s-80s-90s :)

1. Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth [1998]
Last week on S.O.T v.4 I had Blind Guardian on the list also. This week I had a few (kinda more) repeats on their classic Nightfall in Middle-Earth album. Tolkien's stories transformed in music. Unique! Who hasn't heard the song Nightfall and didn't got chills on his back?

2. Cirith Ungol - King Of The Dead [1984]
Speaking of Tolkien's work, throw in some swords and sorcery and Voila. Probably the most eccentric band in the history of heavy metal! A monumental album, exceptional performance, a tremendous stage appearance, and the craziest vocals the human kind has ever released. Cirith Ungol, (whose name is taken from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and whose covers are taken from Michael Moorcock's Elric sequence) came out of California and released 4th monumental pieces of heavy metal history. If you're not familiar then you should definitely check em out!

3. Glacier - Same S/t [1985] EP
One of the most, if not the most, famous US METAL EPs that has risen from the undergrounds and, two decades after its' release, became -permit me to say- mainstream. :) And Hell it should have been years ago! This outstanding EP consists of 5 tracks, and with 3 different singers on it surely deserves a place among you collection.
The song mainly responsible for it's youtube spreading disease is Vendetta, which gathered more than 200k views.

4. H and H - L'Etendard [1986] 7" Single
TOP French Epic Heavy Metal. Not much to say here. Just listen and enjoy.

5. Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time [1986] LP
Also not much to say here. Not because I don't have words, but because there are thousands of reviews regarding this monument of heavy metal music. Not many, if any, records can compete this one. If heavy metal was the world, this record would be the Alexander the Great empire.

6. Lordian Guard - Sinners in The Hands Of An Angry God [1997] LP
White sorcery written on the surface of a CD, and the carved lines of a Vinyl record... Yes, it is possible. The TOP Weapon of Mass Destruction in Christianity's armory has a name, and it's LORDIAN GUARD! If Lordian Guard music were played in Christian Orthodox churches then probably the whole planet would praise the Lord. Some of the fans find Vidonne's voice kinda annoying, but i personally find it exceptional and binding with the whole concept's atmosphere. It's a LoveIt or HateIt record. I'm on the LoveIt site as you can see. The video of the same-title song "Sinners In The Hands Of Angry God" made by Ioannis Katis worths every single second you're gonna spent on it.

7. Megadeth - Cryptic Writings [1997] LP
Speaking of Love Or Hate albums. Megadeth's 7th album, and probably the hardest to find on vinyl.
Most of the hardcore thrash fans of the band can't even stand this album. I personally like it a lot. I mean, dude, its the album that has She-Wolf. You HAVE TO like it!

8. Rush - 2112 [1976] LP
An extragalactic journey, a trip through time, a voyage through time, a traverse through dimensions, a climb on your destiny's peak, and a free fall in tour bottomless inner self.  Rush's 2112 is the album that redefined "the term "progressive".

"Attention, all the planets of the Solar Federation. 
We have assumed control." 

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