Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sounds In Time Vol.4

"Sounds In Time" is a weekly post which is posted every Saturday, and presents the albums that sounded through my speakers during the passed week!

If someone was to ask me what music I most listen, I would probably answer "80s heavy metal". And most of the time that's quite accurate. But during the last weeks I was more of a 90s guy! This volume of Sounds of time, as well as the last one, consists mainly of 90s-00s albums, but still, not far from the generic orientation presented in the answer above. So, this week's playlist has as follows:

1. Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond [1992]
"Now You all know, the bards and their songs..." I know you do! Everyone does! This song, is probably the most famous tune from BG. But this brilliant album has way more masterpieces than the Bard's Song (which btw, has a second part, not as famous as the first one, and it SLAYS). "Time what is time", "Journey Through the Dark"... Yup, I'm a teenager again...
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 2. ESP - The Future In Now [1987]
When a US band makes its debut release through a French label, you know that it's gonna be goooood (and probably their only one! LOL [Glacier, Orphan Allies, e.t.c]) That's the same story with ESP. US POWER metal hailing from Connecticut with supreme guitarwork, that had its one and only album release on the French label Dream Records. Powerful album, quite rare and expensive to be obtained on vinyl, but a recent re-release in 2013 by Heaven and Hell Records made it easily available on CD. Volume up you speakers and hit play! Satisfaction guaranteed!

3. Graveworm - As the Angels Reach The Beauty [1998]
You were young. You were in love. Thinks didn't went your way (but when do they go huh?). You suffer from depression! Yes, you do! You lock your self in your bedroom, you close the windows so that not a single beam of light lights up the room, and you fall in endless journey through your mind. As the Angels Reach the Beauty is exactly one of those records you throw in your CDplayer during that period of your life. Dark, gloomy, emotional! As the title of the opening track says, "A dreamin beauty"! I couldn't describe it better. A dreaming beauty it is...
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4. Heir Apparent - One Small Voice [1989]
Ok, bow down to thy majesty... The Princes of Heavy Metal. The masters of invasion, Heir Apparent to the throne! After their magnificent debut album "Graceful Inheritance", Seattle prog-power masters had a line-up change, that resulted with godly singer Steve Benito on vocal duties! And in 1989, one of the most beautiful records ever released, made its appearance on the recordstore shelves. ONE SMALL VOICE. I usually avoid to present my all time favourite albums, cause trying to explain the feelings with words leaves me speechless or graphic. Seriously, how can anyone describe "Screaming" "The Fifth Season" "We The People" "Cacophony Of Anger" "Alone Again" without using the words magical, lyrical, ethereal, unique, outstanding, extra-ordinary, sick, lustful, and, and, and... So, better stay speechless huh?
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5. Iced Earth - Horror Show [2001]
No. "Melancholy" is not on this one. No, neither "Watching Over Me". How about "I Died for You"? Sorry, not this one either... Do you feel bad? No? Good... Now that you passed the test, you then know this album. Not their best-of album but definitely a Masterpiece. Damien is one of my favourite Iced Earth songs, and more than that, this album carries the mighty Dracula! As a concept album on famous Horror stories, Iced Earth with Matt Barlow on vocals manage to release a marvelous arts-meet-music legacy!
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There are some times, when you think of a song, you listen it, then you listen it again and you end up with the whole album on repeat. And that album leads to another. And so on... Kamelot this week was on of those times. During the week I had the Kamelot(&Khan) discography on repeat.

6. Kamelot - Fourth Legacy [1999]
Once the album is inserted in the player, and the first notes sound through the speakers, a symphonic orgasm follows. During the intro "New Allegiance" that prologues the same-title song, you're fascinated by the orchestral harmony, and then BOOM. Power Metal at it's best! With one of the BEST European metal singers on vocals, Roy Khan, this album writes the first pages of the golden history of Kamelot! Even though this was the second Kamelot album with Khan on Vocals, it was the first with the symphonic powerful orientation the band adopted, and set the base for their worldwide recognition and success.
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7. Kamelot - Epica [2003]
Speaking on their Worldwide Recognition and success, voila! Forth release with Khan (I'll leave Karma for another time), and personally my TOP Kamelot album! Lyrically a literature monument, as itself is a concept story based on Goethe's "Faust".
"Dolcissimae... oh Fortuna... Venit Meos..." The golden pages in the history of power metal are written letter by letter on these 52 minutes of pure power! The amazing performance of Roy and the solid composition (music-wise), combined with a splendid production, resulted a monumental wonder! Perfect 10 by far!
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8. Shadow Gallery - Carved In Stone [1995]
Oh lords... what to be said and what to be untold when it comes to these legends?
While formed in the late 80s, and having release a handful of great albums, the NEVER had a live show till 2010!! Unbelievable huh? And it should be, cause when you first lay ears on Carved In Stone album, you'll wonder how the hell didn't this band Tour the whole f#ckin world when it was released!! Just listen the "Crystalline Dream" and if you won't get addicted then i'll rest my case!
Another Perfect 10 by far!
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"...we'll cruise the starways..."

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