Caving: Exploring Old Abandoned Mines in Cyprus

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Before you continue with the article, bare in mind that Caving and Mine Exploration can be a hazardous, and  probably fatal, activity! Proper training and special equipment are required before getting underground!

Underground river
I was always fascinated with Caving (also known as Spelunking). There's a whole different world underground, waiting to be explored! I once read in an article that only 20% of the worlds underground caving systems have been totally explored. Since a child I was hoping to find a "hole" in earth's crust so that I can be a modern Indiana Jones. Unfortunately in Cyprus, there aren't any huge geological formations, to have a vast amount of caves to fulfil that desire.

But there's a number of old mines, due to the rich mining history of the Island, that have some still-standing tunnels.

During the last years I made some decent research, gathered knowledge, skills and equipment, and finally entered the realms of the underground (literally).

The old wooden support structure, rotting, 
the final stage before collapsing
Some of the following photos were taken at an aproximately 0.5~08 Km (2000-2500ft) underground. The location of the Tunnels (3 different ones) are scattered through the mountainous north area of Troodos.

Collapsed gateways, underground rivers, rotting support systems, and PITCH BLACK! Not a single ray of sunlight reaches the lungs of earth.


Underground Selfie

You should watch your every single step!
A broken angle deep underground is NOT what you want!
Wait! Is that a human skull?
Hello there...

Modern Indiana Jones

Collapse ahead!
The end of the tunnel.
The King of the Underworld sitting on his throne!


Will be fun, they said...
Walking in cold water river - Not funny

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  1. Για λλόου μου είσαι καθηγητής !

    1. ε όι τζιε καθηγητής ρε δικέ μου! κάτσε να πιάμεν 2-3 πτυχία τζιε μετά :p

  2. Hi my friend, can you tell me the locations of the mines you've visited in Cyprus. I only know of one in Troodos mountain. Thanks

  3. You are such a brave man! I've never heard about these caves before. In order to explore such caves safely, you need lots of right equipment and the right skills. Can a beginner like me go to such places without a guide? Do you know any other similar places in Cyprus? Which one is the best?