Weekly Sum-Up Vol3: Autumn Moving On

3:58 PM

"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, and presenting numerous interesting articles that I came across during the passed week.

Vol 3: Autumn Moving On
While the first drops of rain fell down onto dry sand last week, it's time to move on! Let bygones be bygones, hold the nice memories, learn the lessons taught by bad decisions, and move the f*ckin on! There's a whole world out there waiting for you! A bazillion of opportunities to prove to no-one but your self that you can do anything that pleases you and puts a smile on your face. MOVE ON!

Some news/articles that kept my mind busy last week:

Rosetta to deploy lander on 12 November:
It's been since 2004 that I'm monitoring Rosetta's journey to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.
I'll have to write a nice article covering that mission since I consider it an outstanding mission. That precision manoeuvres to get along the comet's orbit millions of Km away is nothing but spectacular application of every physics law. But let's hold that for another article. ESA on this one announces that the deployment of Philae, the Lander that Rosetta carries, will occur on 12th November! That's something to wait for!

Announcing the Start of a Budget Travel Guide Series:
Master of budget-travelling, Matt Kepnes, author of the budget-travellers bible "How To Travel The World On 50$ A Day", is announcing the start of a new series of books, covering City-by-City destinations around the worlds. Lots of budget tips are expected in these, can't way to read a couple of those just before my departure.

India Reaches MARS:
With a cost of only 74 millions USD, the first Indian mission towards the red planet, Mangalyaan, successfully entered in orbit around the planet and transmitted it's first Martian Photos to earth. Congratulations to Indian Space R.O. for this success and let's hope that this marks a new chapter in the history of space exploration!

Richest doctor in the history of the world:
An interesting article by Forbes, covering the story of the richest (2.8b$!!) doctor in the world.

Auction of the Week:
One of my top-want 7" singles, "The Beast" by Danish heavy metal band Randy, was sold for 170$ a couple of days later. I can still keep dreaming... till then:
"shadows are falling and here comes the night,
but I'm still on my own..."

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