Sounds In Time Vol.3

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"Sounds In Time" is a weekly post which is posted every Saturday, and presents the albums that sounded through my speakers during the passed week!

It's been ages since the last Sounds In Time post. Due to lack of time, lack of motivation, laziness, boredom, -you name it-, I took some time away from blogging, so I guess is time for re-activation.
Last week, was the supreme finale of my exams period, and while studying these following masterpieces kept me company:

9. Axton Pryte - The Lab EP [1986]
French-Brittanic Heavy Metal rarity, with quite sharp hardrocking tunes. The song Warriors Of The Wind, as you can see by yourselves, has one of the most KVLT videoclips ever. Just look that performance combined with the Mylar sheets on the walls. Priceless

8. Bastille - Electric Animation Tape [1991] CD [2013]
Noble, aristocratic, lyrical, emotional, high-top-class prog-power metal AT IT'S BEST. Seriously, this one is amongst my favourite ever re-releases! While available only on cassette since 1991, 22 years later NoRemorse records officially releases the album on CD, and guess what, it's Sold-Out! Of course it is, Electric Animation is probably one of the best examples where an underground, unknown, forgotten jewel is way-way better than complete discographies of mainstream bands in the same genre. 10/10 the least! Electric Animation

7. Bootlegs - S/t Same LP [1990]
Unique Icelandic Speed-Thrash Metal! Yeah, coming out from Reykjavik, this band managed to released two albums with solid headbanging, with lyrics in Icelandic! Even though their deput album wasn't top, this second release was killer by any means! Sharp and straightforward! And look at that cover artwork!!

6. Deaf Dealer - Journey Into Fear [1987-2014]
Age 1987. Canadian Heavy Metallers "Deaf Dealer" are getting into studio and begin the recordings for their second album. Later after the album is finished, their company decides that the album won't be profitable so they refuse to release it. Since then, the recordings of that unreleased album, were circulating the underground trading, and later the internet as Mp3. There was even a bootleg CD cirulating. Last week, 27 Years later, Cult Metal Classics officially released the album! 27 f*ckin years! Enjoy the well known Blood Cut Sound, which, in actually Blood And Sand :)

5. Motorhead - Inferno [2004]
No introductions here. Heavy as Hell, a very-very good album, which stands up to any Motorhead expectations! In The Name Of Tragedy!

4. Running Wild - Black Hand Inn [1994]
Probably my favourite Running Wild album. I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this one, since most of you are more into Port Royal or Under Jolly Roger, but it's always a matter of taste. I find the album -O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G-! "Captain Kasparek, permition to came on board!"
"Mike, Permition granded"... Put the CD in the player, serve yourself with a glass of Rum, and hit play... GENESIS

3. Saviour Machine - S/t Saviour Machine I [1993]
No Words...
No Words can describe the music embed in the surface of this Jewel, this Gem, this unique Diamond, which probably exceeds the Cullinan in carats. Feelings, unlike any others, delivered through waves of sound. Emotions of a lifetime, pain, tears, hope, your complete soul, compressed and modulated into an AM signal, delivered through a digital code, written with a laser beam on the reflecting surface of a round disc. No words for the music... No words... Just listen...

2. Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear [1996]
If you're a "True Heavy Metal Warrior" then probably that's not an album you expected to see in my lists. But, as said before, it's all a matter of taste in the end! And when my mood is gloomy, I find myself time-travelling to my teenage years, when songs like "And When He Falleth" and "Seraphic Deviltry" were in endless looping. Attention: This album has to be enjoyed in low-light conditions and accompanied with wine :)
1. Tristania - Beyond The Veil [1999]
While traversing into time with Theatre of Tragedy, I came across some CDrs I had a decade ago. Among them, I found some scattered songs of Norwegian gothic metallers Tristania. Minutes later I'm listening their second album, "Beyond The Veil"! Mystical, dark, ethereal, doomed, gloomy, scary, soul-sucking... I just LOVE IT!

Have a nice "Inner" trip!

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