Touch the Sun

8:43 PM

I'm not a huge fan of the summer sun.

Don't get me wrong, I love summers, and as an astronomy enthusiast I also love the sun. What I mean with this statement is that due to my low levels of melanin in my body combined with the summer sun in Cyprus I find myself with serious sunburns if found uncovered under direct sunlight.

So I usually get my swimming in the Cypriot waters during the night, and this way I can have wonderful Sunrises in the morning. The proof, here:

If we could only Touch The Sun, to dream is not enoughthe world is on our hands...
Photo taken by a special friend of mine, who spent the night hearing me blabber about everything
Caption is from Crismon Glory's song "Touch the Sun" taken from their album Astronomica

PS - A friend on Fb said that I'm not holding it right. My answer was
"I'm not holding it. I'm containing it within the centrer of the distance between my palms, using an energy grid. The asymmetry of the glance is caused by instant coronal mass ejections (CME), witch takes place at the spots where sun's magnetic field penetrates it's surface." ~ Yes, I know. I have to get a life soon...

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