Scotland 2013

11:39 PM

Last week I found myself doing what I like most. Travelling!
Driven by emotions, I took a plane (more like 4), crossed Europe and landed to Glasgow!

As a Grave Digger fan and worshipper of the album "Tunes of War", I learned about William Wallace and his battles before I even watch the Braveheart movie. Therefore I always wanted to visit this glorious land. So here I am, beneath Scotland's gloomy sky. And what a spectacular landscape view?!!

During my trip I was staying in Glasgow's West End, but I also visited Edinburg, Stirling and Alloa.

Lots of beer and food, some new friends, a couple of old friends, pancakes and eggs'n'sausages for breakfast, a Queensryche cancelled show, some non-metal 2nd hand vinyl recordstores.
All in all another adventure not to be forgotten!

Here are some photos:

Stirling Castle
Inside view of University Of Glasgow
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Statue "The Bruce" (The King-The Lion)

William Wallace Monument

With my good friend Marios at Alloa 22nd Beer Festival

Castle Of Edinburgh

Glasgow City Chambers - George Square by night

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