Happy Ice - Faith in Mankind Restored!

6:14 PM

Since the 70s, there was an ubber cult ice cream circulating the depths of the underground in Cyprus.

The nectar of the gods, the mighty amvrosia, was probably consisted 50% of this glorious iced product (other 50% was probably Keanita Juice)

In the mid/late 90s, Regis Company discontinued the production of this glorious orgasmic precious ice cream due to unknown reasons. My guess is that extraterrestrial forces invaded the factory and stole the equipment and the secret recipe.

Now, year 2013, this elixir of life gets in production again!

Oh Gods, the faith in mankind has been restored!

My first one ~ Tons to follow! 

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  1. Ελπίζω να σε χορηγούν τουλάχιστον με μιαν κάσιαν ποτούτα !