Climbing in Cyprus

2:27 PM

Last month, while being in Cyprus, me and my bloodbrother Stelios visited the climbing routes of "Kourtellorotsos" (Κουρτελλόροτσος), located just beneath Saint Nicholas, close to the famous "Rocks of Chasamboulia" (or Hasampoulia - Πέτρες των Χασαμπουλιών)

We were pleased to find a wonderfull climbing field, beyond our expectations!

Nice solid rock, routes with a variety in difficulty scale, and some other cool climbers accompanying our climbs.

We climbed seven routes in that day:
- Elevthero Pnevma (meaning Free Spirit - Ελευθερο Πνεύμα)
-Apiasti Eleutheria (meaning Uncatchable Freedom - Άπιαστη Ελευθερία)
-Neraeda (meaning Fairy - Νεράιδα)
-Parthena (meaning Virgin -Παρθένα)
-Horos Siopis (meaning Dance of Silence - Χορός Σιωπής)

We'll definitely hit that field in the near future! Feel free to join us :)
Enjoy some photos of that day:
that's Stelios, preparing the rope

and that would be me, just before ascending :)

put em on and kill em all :p

a nice crack there

my beauty getting ready

We Rock on Rock :)

I'm on my way to find new walks of life

Tall as a mountain... Just Climb!

Go for it bro!

For those about to climb...

Frappe Time...

Riding the white dragon!

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