Traditional Cypriot Wedding - From Proxenia to The Wedding in Aphrodite's Island

11:55 AM

Last Month we managed to present properly how a Traditional Cypriot Wedding was held back in 1920s. 

Here's the video, and since everything is in Greek, I'll write an english summary report here.

The story takes us back to the village of K.Zodia, Cyprus, 1920.

Scene 1
One of the school teachers, Michaelis, fell in love with a girl called Martou. In the opening scene, dancing the traditional song "Stamna" the boy attracts the attention of the girl, and this has as a result the breaking of her "kouza/stamna".

The "Proxenia"
Proxenia is the name diven to the act of sending messages via a person regarding marriage proposals back in the day. The Person who delivers the message, "Proxenitra", favors the sender to the receiver in order to make the proxenia successfully and the two end up married.

Scene 2
The legal document where both parents pairs of husband and wife are signing, where they state what heritage are giving to their children.

once "prokosymfona" are signed, the engagement party begins, and relatives from both families are invited to wife's house.

Scene 3
Marriage Preparations
After the engagement, the preparations for the wedding begin. These include "Wool washing", "The washing and grinding of Resi", "Manassa"

Scene 4
"Preparing the Bed"
A whole ceremony the day before wedding, is held in order to prepare the couples' bed. 

Scene 5
The Wedding Day
The Shaving and dressing of the groom, the primp of the wife, and the party held after with lots of traditional dancing

Scene 6
Second Day Of The Wedding
The traditional couple's dancing, with parents and family hanging money on their clothes, and lots of dancing again.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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