Weekly Sum-Up Vol2: Exams still going on

11:09 AM

"Weekly Sum-Up" is a series of posts, posted each Sunday evening, and presenting numerous interesting articles that I came across during the passed week.

Vol 2: Exams still going on
We're moving on to the 4th Week of the exams period and still getting dizzy through piles of notes and books! I started to believe that my skills in cheating have been dramatically decrease!! Week after week, worst than its previous! But as always, fighting on, with heads held high! 3 down, 3 to go! Here's another instagram photo, this one with my delicious study setup!

Popular Science:NASA's three worst tragedies
During the last week, 46, 27, and 10 years passed since  NASA's three worst tragedies in history! They all happened during this week. We remember them and hoping that mistakes of the past won't effect the future space flights of mankind! 

Forbes:10 simple product ideas that made billions
A great Infographic, made by Grow America, and posted by Forbes' contributor Alan Hall. On this graphic you'll find how ten simple product ideas brought billions to companies.

MensHealth: Build wealth in troubled times
Strategies for making money, from some of the smartest minds in finance, in an interesting article 

Also make sure to check out this hidden hikes in the Columbian River Gorge! Stunning!

And, a weird, but still interesting article for you passionate lovers out there, the 10 best condoms on the market, provided by MensHealth! Read and choose wisely! :)


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