Sounds In Time Vol2

6:12 AM

"Sounds In Time" is a weekly post, posted every Saturday, and presenting the albums that sounded through my speakers the passed week!

Another week filled with quality and full of mental issues (most created by that evil thing called exams period). So here's how I survived the holocaust:

1. Advocate - World Without End - [1997]
Speed Metal Attack coming out of Cleveland, USA. Powerful songs for the lovers of Iron Cross, Flotsam & Jetsam, Forbidden, etc! Have a taste of this Pure Massacre! Enjoy: Advocate - Odyssey

2. Arryan Path - Road To Macedonia - [2004]
3. Arryan Path - Terra Incognita - [2010]
My fellow countrymen Arryan Path, find their place on my players very frequent, since their style of Lyrical, Melodic Power Metal is one of my favourite, and definitely their albums are amongst my top choices! If you're not familiar with these guys, make sure you'll give 'em a listening.

4. Attack - Revitalize - [1994]
A compilation album including some of the BEST out of the BEST compositions from these German masters of heavy/power metal! Swords and guitar holocausts! Just the way we like it!

5. Dark Quarterer - S/t LP - [1987]

!!Bow down to the Masters!! The creators of Progressive Epic Metal, with their precious creation, made on Italian Soil! Forged with magic and steel, this mystifying rituals of extra-terrestrial waves of sound and x-rays are touching body, soul and brainwaves in an indescribable way! No words can describe the magnificence of the music included on this 12" vinyl record! Trivia: It was just last year, re-recorded!

6. Decoy Paris - Love On The Run EP - [1987]
Coming out from Chicago/Illinois, these guys play traditional heavy metal in a very catchy form! Driven by strong feelings they created this stunning EP, followed by a full-length album a year later. A very Rare EP record in our days, hitting hundreds of dollars on online auctions. LOVE IS ON THE RUN
7. Domine - Champion Eternal - [1997]
Another Italian jewel comes onward on the list! Masters of Italian Epic Metal, who, in 1997 released their debute album, presenting a concept on Elric of Melnibone, Michael Moorcock's albino swordmaster, bearer of the mighty Stormbringer! TRUE f@#Ckin EPIC METAL, with one of the most outstanding epicness that can be delivered with music! Can't wait to enjoy these tunes live next month, on the UP THE HAMMERS festival! See you there, with sword held high!
8. Mystic Force - Eternal Quest - [1993]
Driven by Prog! One of the worlds best progressive metal albums, is the one released in 1993 by Baltimore's legends MYSTIC FORCE! I had the opportunity to enjoy them live last year at the Keep It True festival. Oh believe me, Oh yes believe me, what I experience on that show was out of any expectations I had! We even brought a hand made flag with their logo from Cyprus, and we're headbanging endlessly on the front row! Can't wait for the DVD to come out next April! Buy or Die!
9. Savage Grace - Master Of Disguise - [1986]
Cult, Kalt,KVLT! Strictly Man Metal! SAVAGE GRACE, formed by Christian Logue and Kenny Powell in 1981, is one of the finest examples of US POWER/SPEED METAL! Their Deput Full-Length album Master Of Disguise is considered by many (including me) as one of the greatest metal records ever released! Killer by any means! Just look at the Glorious cover and judge by your self! In not convinced yet, listen Into The Fire!
10. Skyclad - Irrational Anthems - [1996]
Last but not least, on this week's list we have Skyclad's Irrational Anthems! Skyclad is one of my favorite ever artists and as I wrote on my last post, this week I received the Digipack Version of this glorious folk metal monument, entitled "Irrational Anthems"! The genious lyrics full of Martin's puns are definitely the highlights of any Skyclad Album, but also the music and vocal performance is beyond great!!

Have a nice weekend,

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