Sounds In Time Vol1

9:11 PM

"Sounds In Time" is going to be a weekly post, uploaded every Saturday, and presenting the records that sounded through my speakers the passed week!

On this week's post, we have a variety of albums and bands, some of them being favourites!

1. Alpha Centauri  - S/t LP - [1977]
Magnificent Hard Rock - AOR sounding - in the vein of late 70's crossover. If you like quality hard rock music, full of melodies, and a delicate keys addition make sure to give em a try.

2. AxeHammer - Lord Of The Realm EP - [1998]
3. AxeHammer - Windrider - [2005]
Deput EP and the followed up first full-length of these US Power legends! Definitely some excellent riffs and powerful compositions in these

4. Enforcer - Death By Fire - [2013]
WHAT AN ALBUM! Came out just a couple of days ago, and it's already flirting with my Top 10 list of this year's albums! Powerful, highly energetic tempos and slaying guitar riffs delivered by one of the most promising bands of the late 00s! Pure metal massacre coming out of 2013's Sweden!
For those not familiar with the album or the band, can hear it complete online. All you have to do is follow this link and get yourself ready for some serious shit!

5. Heathens Rage - S/t EP - [1987]
Absolutely stunning EP, coming underground from New Jersey, USA! High vocal performance, blasting drumsounds and killer guitars is what this solid metal album consists of!

6. Leatherwolf - S/t - [1985]
7. Leatherwolf - Street Ready - [1989]
Heavy/Power metal from California,USA! Catchy, melodic, quality at it's best! Michael Olivieri, and his band deliver classic headbanging heavy metal forged in US POWER fire, full of steel and emotion!

8. Shok Paris - Steel And Starlight - [1987]
When Steel meets Starlight! This is one of my favourite albums (along with their deput-Go for the Throat). Hailing from Ohio, USA, these Heavy/Power metal masters know how to play METAL AS IT SHALL BEEN PLAYED!! I was able to watch them live in 2010, at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Hamburg, Germany and meet them in person, just to find out that more than great musicians are also great people!Vic Hix is THE MAN! Cheers brother!

  9. Therion - Lemuria - [2004]
10. Therion - Sirius B - [2004]
Two masterpieces (which usually serves as a double album) from these Swedish symphonic titans that no one shall get passed by! There are enormous feelings hidden inside these two metal jewels. An inner journey, passing step by step through your soul levels, by every hearing of the album!
I consider myself lucky to own this on the RARE 2LP version, with splatter vinyls limited to 500 hand-numbered copies! Bought it in 2007, just as it came out - not to be seeing for a while!

Have a nice "Inner" trip!

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