Finally, out of the Lair!

4:37 PM


It's been 4 weeks now since the exams parade begun, and I felt like a caged animal! After today's exams I headed out and finally had time and enjoyed my Freddo Cappuccino!!

Collection Additions
I also visited Post Office, and these are today's arrivals:

Apart from my monthly subscription magazines,
-a couple of CDs: Skyclad - Irrational Anthems [Digipack Edition] and Grimlord - V Column
-and a 1882 Victorian Cyprus stamp, with an overprint "1/2"

It's been a while since the additions to my collections got frozen so that's a bit of fresh air to breath!

Thereafter I took a walk in the City centre, beneath a cloudy dark sky. Not in that depressed mood but I really needed it! Exams period,  as you might know by experience, is a deeply unsocial period, where contact with reality seems fantasy!

Cheerz, fellow Celestial Travellers

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