Friday, October 25, 2013

Scotland 2013

Last week I found myself doing what I like most. Travelling!
Driven by emotions, I took a plane (more like 4), crossed Europe and landed to Glasgow!

As a Grave Digger fan and worshipper of the album "Tunes of War", I learned about William Wallace and his battles before I even watch the Braveheart movie. Therefore I always wanted to visit this glorious land. So here I am, beneath Scotland's gloomy sky. And what a spectacular landscape view?!!

During my trip I was staying in Glasgow's West End, but I also visited Edinburg, Stirling and Alloa.

Lots of beer and food, some new friends, a couple of old friends, pancakes and eggs'n'sausages for breakfast, a Queensryche cancelled show, some non-metal 2nd hand vinyl recordstores.
All in all another adventure not to be forgotten!

Here are some photos:

Stirling Castle
Inside view of University Of Glasgow
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Statue "The Bruce" (The King-The Lion)

William Wallace Monument

With my good friend Marios at Alloa 22nd Beer Festival

Castle Of Edinburgh

Glasgow City Chambers - George Square by night

Friday, October 4, 2013

Touch the Sun

I'm not a huge fan of the summer sun.

Don't get me wrong, I love summers, and as an astronomy enthusiast I also love the sun. What I mean with this statement is that due to my low levels of melanin in my body combined with the summer sun in Cyprus I find myself with serious sunburns if found uncovered under direct sunlight.

So I usually get my swimming in the Cypriot waters during the night, and this way I can have wonderful Sunrises in the morning. The proof, here:

If we could only Touch The Sun, to dream is not enoughthe world is on our hands...
Photo taken by a special friend of mine, who spent the night hearing me blabber about everything
Caption is from Crismon Glory's song "Touch the Sun" taken from their album Astronomica

PS - A friend on Fb said that I'm not holding it right. My answer was
"I'm not holding it. I'm containing it within the centrer of the distance between my palms, using an energy grid. The asymmetry of the glance is caused by instant coronal mass ejections (CME), witch takes place at the spots where sun's magnetic field penetrates it's surface." ~ Yes, I know. I have to get a life soon...

Perseids Meteor Shower 2013

Well, it's been a long time since my last post.
A lot of activity to cover on blog during this summer, lots of stuff and photos to follow.

To start covering the lost time and ground here's a photo I took on August 12th during the Perseids Meteor Shower.

We were in Agios Ioannis in Nicosia/Cyprus during the event, and that was the only partly successful image we managed to take. Enjoy

Perseid Meteor taken on 12/Aug/2013 ~ St.Ioannis/Cyprus

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Ice - Faith in Mankind Restored!

Since the 70s, there was an ubber cult ice cream circulating the depths of the underground in Cyprus.

The nectar of the gods, the mighty amvrosia, was probably consisted 50% of this glorious iced product (other 50% was probably Keanita Juice)

In the mid/late 90s, Regis Company discontinued the production of this glorious orgasmic precious ice cream due to unknown reasons. My guess is that extraterrestrial forces invaded the factory and stole the equipment and the secret recipe.

Now, year 2013, this elixir of life gets in production again!

Oh Gods, the faith in mankind has been restored!

My first one ~ Tons to follow! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Playlist: "Give Me Steel" July 9th, 2013

Tuesday's broadcasting playlist, hosted on was as follows:

July 9th, 2013 - - "Give Me Steel" [Δώσε μου Ατσάλι]

  1. Psychotic Waltz - Trust
  2. Pretty Maid - We Came To Rock
  3. Dio - Rainbow In The Dark
  4. Grim Reaper - When Heaven Comes Down
  5. Tokyo Blade - Unleash the Beast
  6. Metal Sword - Dying For The Sword
  7. Ostrogoth - Lords Of Thunder 
  8. Omen - Red Horizon 
  9. Riot - Swords And Tequila
  10. Oliver Magnum - The Last Prophet
  11. A Shattered Dream - Product Of My Society
  12. Leader - Ride On The Wind
  13. Judas Priest - Hard As Iron
  14. Cloven Hoof - Highlander
  15. Altered State - Winter Warlock
  16. Jonas Grumby - Cry Of The Ripper
  17. Jaguar - Axe Crazy
  18. Rex Inferi - Back From The War 
  19. Crimson Glory - Masque Of The Red Death
  20. Overlorde - Mark Of The Wolf
  21. Medieval Steel - S/t
  22. Gamma Ray - Eagle
  23. Inherent Sin - Children Of The Night
  24. Emerald - Shadows Of Almighty
  25. Jag Panzer - Iron Eagle 
  26. Iron Curtain - Scream And Shout
  27. Tyrant - Lonely Eyes
  28. Doomsword - Return To Imrryr
  29. Thunder Rider - Galaxy

The history of Mankind in 2 Minutes

A couple of months ago I watched a TV-Series Documentary called "Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us" from History Channel. Definitely worth every single minute spent!

Check out this 2 minutes video for a fast sum-up of our history:

Metal Hunting!

Metal Hunting... You're doing it wrong...

because many ask how i find my records... this is how I obtained my original TOXIK demo tape :p

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playlist: "Give Me Steel" June 25th, 2013

Tuesday's broadcasting playlist, hosted on was as follows:

June 25th, 2013 - - "Give Me Steel" [Δώσε μου Ατσάλι]

  1. Saracen - Heroes, Saints and Fools
  2. Ashbury - Take Your Love Away
  3. Rok Bergade - Let Me See The Love
  4. Sabre - Keepers Of The Sword
  5. Raven - Restless Child
  6. Praying Mantis - Captured City
  7. Tytan - Cold Bitch
  8. Iron Maiden - Cold Bitch
  9. Iron Angel - The Church Of Lost Souls
  10. Heavens Gate - We Want It All
  11. Exploder - King Of The Sky
  12. Grave Digger - The Final War
  13. Faithfull Breath - Jailbreaker
  14. Randy - Shadows Are Falling
  15. Scratch - Metal Breaker
  16. Spitfire - Evil Thoughts Around
  17. Riot - Flight Of The Warrior
  18. Attacker - Battle At Helm's Deep
  19. Breaker - Razor's Edge
  20. Fortress - Metal Meltdown
  21. Blacklist - Steady On The Steel
  22. Accept - Aiming High
  23. Skyclad - History Lessens
  24. Armageddon - Raiders Of Steel
  25. Manowar - Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
  26. M.A.R.S. - Stand Up And Fight
  27. Obsession - For The Love Of Money
  28. Jack Starr's Burning Star - Sands Of Time
  29. Jag Panzer - Shadow Thief
  30. X-Caliber - Told You Not To Run
Heroes of the night: Satanas, AgnwstoON, heathen assault, conosw, Markos, viki, ttofos, cotsios 616, Mr.Fraoulas, noullis, Skyflat and rest of the Tembria village!, DemiDraco, 007

Rafting through Nestos River

On May 19th 2013, a group of students in Xanthi, including me, were having their first experience in rafting.

We visited Riverland, at Paranesti, gathered instructions and equipment, and with two guides we hit the water!

I have to say, rafting IS AMAZING! An extremely cool sport, full of adrenaline! Can't wait to do this again!

Here are some photos for your eyes (copyrights belong to

Climbing in Cyprus

Last month, while being in Cyprus, me and my bloodbrother Stelios visited the climbing routes of "Kourtellorotsos" (Κουρτελλόροτσος), located just beneath Saint Nicholas, close to the famous "Rocks of Chasamboulia" (or Hasampoulia - Πέτρες των Χασαμπουλιών)

We were pleased to find a wonderfull climbing field, beyond our expectations!

Nice solid rock, routes with a variety in difficulty scale, and some other cool climbers accompanying our climbs.

We climbed seven routes in that day:
- Elevthero Pnevma (meaning Free Spirit - Ελευθερο Πνεύμα)
-Apiasti Eleutheria (meaning Uncatchable Freedom - Άπιαστη Ελευθερία)
-Neraeda (meaning Fairy - Νεράιδα)
-Parthena (meaning Virgin -Παρθένα)
-Horos Siopis (meaning Dance of Silence - Χορός Σιωπής)

We'll definitely hit that field in the near future! Feel free to join us :)
Enjoy some photos of that day:
that's Stelios, preparing the rope

and that would be me, just before ascending :)

put em on and kill em all :p

a nice crack there

my beauty getting ready

We Rock on Rock :)

I'm on my way to find new walks of life

Tall as a mountain... Just Climb!

Go for it bro!

For those about to climb...

Frappe Time...

Riding the white dragon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Project: "Laptop Cooler"

Summers are always a good time for some "Do it Yourself" Projects. 
I moved from Xanthi's Cool weather to Cyprus' Hot Sun for the summer, and I found my self facing a problem. My laptop's (which I mostly use as a desktop)  temperature was reaching high levels due to low floating air to the desk. 

So I used my "TRUST ME I'M AN ENGINEER" skills to built a handmade cooler. With some wood leftovers from previous projects, some basic electrical equipment, a JigSaw and a Glue Gun the problem was solved: 

Now, what's next?? :D

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Γίνεσαι γραφικός μου είπε...

Μου είπε γίνεσαι γραφικός... και της λέω, ΕΓΩ ΓΡΑΦΙΚΟΣ?????

Έτσι έκανα μια βόλτα στο προφίλ μου στο facebook, και μάζεψα της "γραφικότητες" του 2013 μέχρι σήμερα...

Απολαύστε υπεύθυνα...

10 Ιανουαριου 2013: Cloven Hoof - Mistress Of The Forest
Τι ορέξεις είναι αυτές βραδιάτικα?? 2:48 - Ριφφ που εξαϋλώνει Palsars και μετατρέπει αστέρες νετρονίων σε μαύρες τρύπες!!

16 Ιανουαριου 2013: Apollo Ra - Ra Pariah
Υγραντήρας σε βρακάκι ανοργασμικιάς!

16 Ιανουαριου 2013: Ария Встань, страх преодолей!
Κάνει ολοκαύτωμα τη Σιβηρία και παγώνει Νεβάδα και Σαχάρα

20 Ιανουαριου 2013: Skycald - Gammadion Seed
Η ριφφάρα στο 1:40 κόβει καπιταλιστικούς κώλους

21 Ιανουαριου 2013: Lords Of The Crimson Alliance - The Sorcerer

24 Ιανουαριου 2013: Virgin Steele - Angel Of Light
Όταν ο Ρομαντισμός γίνεται Βαρβαρικός, και όταν ο Βαρβαρισμός γίνεται Ρομαντικός..

27 Ιανουαριου 2013: Heathens Rage - Knights Of Steel
Διαπερνάει παρθενικούς υμένες σε κοριτσάκια με μπλουζάκια Λίνκιν Παρκ και προκαλεί παρθενογένεση του IRON MAN

27 Ιανουαριου 2013: Tantrum - Trenton City Murders
Σε ένταση κώφωσης μέχρι να μην υπάρχουν ίχνη από μπλουζάκια HIM σε ακτίνα 5 Αστρονομικών Μονάδων

28 Ιανουαριου 2013: Stormwitch - Warewolves On The Hunt
Μπαίνει στο υποσυνείδητο οπαδών των avenged sevenfold και τους ωθεί στην αυτοκτονία!

28 Ιανουαριου 2013: Helloween - Victim Of Time
Κάθε φορά που αντηχεί η ριφφάρα στο τύμπανο, κλονίζονται οι νευρικές μου απολήξεις...

29 Ιανουαριου 2013: Shok Paris - Steel And Starlight
Μεταξένιο μέταλ, με ατσάλινη επένδυση, λουσμένο με αστερόσκονη, φως από απομακρυσμένα νεφελώματα και ηλεκτρομαγνητική ακτινοβολία από Pulsars!

30 Ιανουαριου 2013: Enforcer - Crystal Suite
Λευκαρίτικο κέντημα, σταυροβελονιά με ατσαλινη κλωστή "carbon steel"!
Στο 1:29 αλεπάλληλες πυρηνικές εκρήξεις, κοσμικά τσουνάμι, πλαγιομετωπικές συγκρούσεις αρματοφόρων διαστημοπλοίων, εκρήξεις σουπερνόβα, κάμψη του χωρόχρονου σε πολυδιάστατο σύμπαν, νοερή αμφιταλάντευση μεταξύ παράλληλων πραγματικοτήτων, εκτοξεύσεις στεμματικής ύλης, όλο το νέφος
Orb σε collision course, οι απανταχού λευκοί νάνοι σε φλερτ με το όριο Τσαντρασεκάρ. ΑΠΛΑ ΚΑΙ ΟΜΟΡΦΑ

31 Ιανουαριου 2013: Final Axe - Baptized In Blood
Ωθεί EMO αγοράκια που ακούν My Chemical Romance, στο να εξελίξουν τις εγκάρσιες τους φλεβοτομές σε διαμήκεις αρτηριοτομές!

2 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Axehammer - Stand Up And Fight
Γαλουχεί με μεταλλική παιδεία την ανθρωπότητα

4 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Advocate - Odyssey
Συνθλίβει κεφάλια! 2:29 - Μαζεύει πτώματα

5 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Domine - Dark Emperor
Στέλνει ορδές φλώρων σε κατάσταση καταστολής και αποσύνθεσης

7 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Mystic Force - Broken Heroes
Κατεδαφίζει πλανήτες σε μοριακό επίπεδο και τους ξαναχτίζει! Πλάθει νέες κοσμοθεωρίες και ξαναγράφει τους νόμους του Κέπλερ με αίμα από ορδές άπιστων τρεντάδων!

7 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Receiver - Unite
Υμνώδες Καλημέρες, με ατσάλι σφυρηλατημένο εν ενάλιαν Γην Κύπρο

8 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Savage Grace - Into The Fire
Αντρικές καλημέρες με αυτό το ενεργό μέταλ ηφαίστειο Τεστοστερόνης!!!Αυστηρά αντρική υπόθεση!

10 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Manowar - Battle Hymn
Εξαϋλώνει κάθε μορφής λανθασμένο μέταλλο σε ακτίνα ένα έτος φωτός!

12 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Sacred Blade - Moon
Υπερβατική πνευματικότητα, Θεοποίηση της Σελήνης, μυστικισμός! 
Ακουστική μυσταγωγία στο πιο επικά χαλαρωτικό
instrumental τραγούδι που γράφτηκε ποτέ!!

21 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Thunder Rider - Galaxy
Δεν υπάρχει πιο μαγικός τρόπος να τελειώσεις τη μέρα σου από το να απολαύσεις αυτό το τραγούδι... Συνδυάζει μακρόκοσμο, κοσμικό ταξίδι, με εσωτερική αναζήτηση... Η μαγεία ζωγραφισμένη με νότες σε φλάουτο και κιθάρα... Εγγύηση στο "όνειρα γλυκά"

25 Φεβρουαριου 2013: Skyclad - Moongleam and Meadowsweets
Οιμώζω, και οι δακρυγόνοι μου αδένες σε ακατάσχετη εκροή!

16 Μαρτίου 2013: Black Sword Thunder Attack - Anvils Of War
Μαζεύει κεφάλια από αποδεκατισμένα πτώματα μνημονιακών...

22 Μαρτίου 2013: Tarot - Spell Of Iron (Album)
Αψεγάδιαστες Τιτάνιες μελωδίες... Μεγαλείο...

29 Μαρτίου 2013: Steel Assassin - Sorcerer’s Mistress
Πέπλο από ανθρακονήματα....

31 Μαρτίου 2013: Ashbury - Mystery Man
Οι δακρυγόνοι μου αδένες σε ακατάσχετη εκκροή!!
Έχω ρίξει ποτάμια δακρύων υπό το άκουσμα του ευαγγελίου "
Endless Skies"... 
Άμα αξιωθώ να το ζήσω και
Live, η ζωη μου ολοκληρώνεται...

1 Απριλίου 2013: Liege Lord - Kill The King
Σύμφωνα με τις τελευταίες προβλέψεις με χρήση δορυφόρων της ΝΑΣΑ όταν θα παικτεί αυτό στο Lauda η Γη θα πληγεί από κοσμικά τσουνάμι...

15 Απριλίου 2013: Solitude Aeturnus - Destiny Falls To Ruin
Κάνει οπαδούς των νιρβάνα να θέλουν να ακολουθήσουν το δρόμο που χάραξε ο κομπέιν...

28 Απριλίου 2013: Evo - Dejame En Pas
Μεταμεσονύκτιες ισπανόφωνες περιδιαβάσεις σε επικά ατσάλινα πεδία!... Μαζεύω κεφάλια

8 Μαϊου 2013: Winterhawk - Free to Live
Το σιδηρούν παραπέτασμα μεταξύ Ανθρώπινου και Θείου στοιχείου...

9 Μαϊου 2013: Jack Starr’s Burning Star - Sands Of Time
Στερεά Κατακρημνίσματα, Υεώτατος Όμβρος! 
Κάθε ριφφ και κρατήρας...

9 Ιουνίου 2013: Shadow Gallery - Crystalline Dream
Μόνο για ερωτευμένους με άτομα των οποίων η ομορφιά κάμπτει τον χώρο, διαστέλλει το χρόνο, προκαλεί σχάση σε πυρήνες ουρανίου 235, προκαλεί σύντηξη σε τόκαμακ, μετατρέπει το θερμοπυρηνικό πλάσμα σε άλλη κατάσταση ύλης, κτλ κτλ κτλ....

9 Ιουνίου 2013: Black Fate - Child Of Hell
Ουράνια κατακρημνίσματα επι του κερατοειδούς χιτώνα... Στα γόνατα και σε λυγμούς...

9 Ιουνίου 2013: Salem’s Wych - Fight Till The End
Ριφφάρα που στοιχειώννει μεσαιωνικά νεκροταφεία

Άκουσ' εκεί γραφικός..... ΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΟ:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Playlist: "Give Me Steel" Apr 17th, 2013

Tuesday's broadcasting playlist, hosted on was as follows:

April 17th, 2013 - - "Give Me Steel" [Δώσε μου Ατσάλι]

  1. Artok - For You The World
  2. Excalibur - Sick And Tired
  3. Angel Witch - Straight From Hell
  4. Brainfever - Dirty Streets
  5. Manticore - Kingdom In Danger
  6. Mercyful Fate - Curse Of The Pharaohs
  7. Fifth Angel - Call Out The Warning
  8. Warlord - Aliens
  9. Virgin Steele - We Rule The Night
  10. Savatage - The Unholy
  11. Queensryche - The Needle Lies
  12. Liege Lord - Eye Of The Storm
  13. Solitude Aeturnus - Destiny Falls To Ruins
  14. Candlemass - Black Dwarf
  15. Stratovarius - Father Time
  16. Gamma Ray - Follow Me
  17. Stormwitch - Excalibur
  18. ESP - The Future Is Now
  19. Riot - Insanity
  20. Marshall Law - Under The Hammer
  21. Judas Priest - All Guns Blazing
  22. Iced Earth - Stormrider
  23. Enforcer - Mesmerized by Fire
  24. Crimson Glory - Dragon Lady
  25. Axel Rudi Pell - Edge Of The World
  26. Edguy - We Don't Need A Hero
  27. Kamelot - Forever
  28. Blind Guardian - Into The Storm 
  29. Hammerfall - At The End Of The Rainbow
  30. Warlord - The Holy Empire

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Climbing 2013 - Nestos Climbing Fields

As the weather gets better, we begun our rock invasions

Having the luck of living in the city of xanthi, we're 10' away from Nestos' Climbing Fields.

Last week we hit the rocks for first time in 2013, and earlier today for the second time.
We're marching on, one by one!
5a, 5b, 6a, 6a+, 6b, 6b+,.....
Let's see what's next :)

Playlist: "Give Me Steel" Apr 9th, 2013

Tuesday's broadcasting playlist, hosted on was as follows:

April 9th, 2013 - - "Give Me Steel" [Δώσε μου Ατσάλι]

  1. Quartz - Just Another Man
  2. Jameson Raid - Seven Days Of Splendour
  3. Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform
  4. Heavy Load - Run With The Devil
  5. Anvil - Tag Team
  6. Warlord - Sons Of A Dream
  7. Vicious Rumors - Soldiers Of The Night
  8. The Lord Weird Slough Feg - High Passage/Low Passage
  9. Accept - Flash Rockin' Man
  10. Ninja - Ice In Your Hands
  11. Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown
  12. Zix - Night Of Evil
  13. Evil-Lyn - Four Horsemen
  14. Ion Britton - Illusionation
  15. Hexx - The Other Side
  16. Sarissa - Macedonian Army
  17. Shadow Gallery - Crystalline Dream 
  18. Fisc - Love Under Attack
  19. Pariah - One Of Us
  20. Waxwing - Pictures Of You
  21. Crypt - Die Sister Die
  22. Brat - Circles Of Fire
  23. Graven Image - No Rest For The Wicked
  24. Hammerwitch - Judgement Day
  25. Tantrum - Trenton City Murders
  26. Redd Barron - Dow Jones
  27. Enchanter - Thor
  28. Slauter Xtroyes - NSZ 190
  29. Heathens Rage - Knights Of Steel
  30. Salem's Wych - Run From The Devil
  31. Jag Panzer - Judgement Day
  32. Glacier - Vendetta
  33. Riot - Thundersteel
  34. Omen - Teeth Of The Hydra
  35. Manilla Road - Flaming Metal System 
  36. Manowar - Heart Of Steel

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Traditional Cypriot Wedding - From Proxenia to The Wedding in Aphrodite's Island

Last Month we managed to present properly how a Traditional Cypriot Wedding was held back in 1920s. 

Here's the video, and since everything is in Greek, I'll write an english summary report here.

The story takes us back to the village of K.Zodia, Cyprus, 1920.

Scene 1
One of the school teachers, Michaelis, fell in love with a girl called Martou. In the opening scene, dancing the traditional song "Stamna" the boy attracts the attention of the girl, and this has as a result the breaking of her "kouza/stamna".

The "Proxenia"
Proxenia is the name diven to the act of sending messages via a person regarding marriage proposals back in the day. The Person who delivers the message, "Proxenitra", favors the sender to the receiver in order to make the proxenia successfully and the two end up married.

Scene 2
The legal document where both parents pairs of husband and wife are signing, where they state what heritage are giving to their children.

once "prokosymfona" are signed, the engagement party begins, and relatives from both families are invited to wife's house.

Scene 3
Marriage Preparations
After the engagement, the preparations for the wedding begin. These include "Wool washing", "The washing and grinding of Resi", "Manassa"

Scene 4
"Preparing the Bed"
A whole ceremony the day before wedding, is held in order to prepare the couples' bed. 

Scene 5
The Wedding Day
The Shaving and dressing of the groom, the primp of the wife, and the party held after with lots of traditional dancing

Scene 6
Second Day Of The Wedding
The traditional couple's dancing, with parents and family hanging money on their clothes, and lots of dancing again.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Carnival Time, Again... 2013

So it's that time of the year again, where I'm lucky enough to be in the City of Xanthi.
Xanthi holds the second largest Carnival Parade in Greece, right after Patra's Parade!

As each year, Cypriot Student Community in Xanthi, is organizing a Carnival Party, Thursday night before the Parade.

Last night we were there, with lots of drinks and dances!

Check out our facebook page for lots of photos!



Monday, March 11, 2013

Up The Hammers Festival 2013

Flyer of the Festival
Just Check the Bands!
Three days ago I attended Up The Hammers Festival in Athens, Greece.
It's the 8th Up The Hammers since 2006 and the 3rd one I was able to attend!

PURE HEAVY METAL is the words to describe what we have experienced these last three days!

Had a really great time, I met with friends and bands, had lots of beer and food, and headbanged a lot!

More details and photographs to be posted on!

Cheers and Hails!


Countrymen RUST on stage! Couldn't be away from the first row!

Back into the Arena

With the exams period over, we return into classic mode, with more adventurous spirit and training moods...

Last week I had my first visit for 2013, at Xanthi's artificial climbing walls.

With the weather playing it's lasts rainy tricks, we'll soon be able to reach the rocks!

Until them, plastic it is...

Xanthis' Climbing Walls at Ameredium Stadium

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playlist: "Give Me Steel" Feb 19th, 2013

Tuesday's broadcasting playlist, hosted on was as follows:

February 19th, 2013 - - "Give Me Steel" [Δώσε μου Ατσάλι]

  1. Dark Starr - My Deepest Regrets
  2. Ace Lance - Never The Same
  3. Demon - Night Of The Demon
  4. Savage - On The Rocks
  5. Whitesnake - You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
  6. Stormwitch - Steel In The Red Light
  7. Quiet Riot - Run For Cover 
  8. Twisted Sister - Don't Let Me Down
  9. Dio - Twisted
  10. Iron Maiden - Aces High
  11. Cloven Hoof - Forgotten Heroes
  12. Crystal Viper - City Of The Damned
  13. Alias - Alpha-Omega
  14. Forgotten Realm - Forged In Steel
  15. Cannon - Stand The Fight
  16. Saxon - Princess Of The Night
  17. Grim Reaper - Lust For Freedom
  18. Angus - Dragon Chase
  19. Accept - Breaker
  20. Riot - Warrior
  21. Astronomikon - Son Of Seriphos
  22. Stratovarius - Dragons
  23. Scanner - Terrion
  24. Last Empire - Secrecy 
  25. Aggressor - Savage
  26. Warlord - Penny For A Poor Man
  27. Overlorde - Snow Giant
  28. Manowar - Fight Until We Die
  29. Domine - The Ride Of The Valkyries
  30. Wotan - Thermopiles

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jizzy Mizzy is my business...

...and business is good!

We have it as a tradition, whenever an exams period comes to an end, to light up the fire, and bring out the meaty beasts!

We met in a communal place in our dormitory and, destroyed everything - from beef liver to pork chops - with the companion of cold beers and wine!

Our companion was constantly growing, and at some point, 4 instruments and a vocal presence, gave a cultural touch on our night's painting! Until late May, may we Rust in Peace...

Jizzy Mizzy